• About Us


    Guangdong Dongri Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dongri Environmental Protection") was established in 2003, listed in September 2017, the stock code 872145. Located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, it is a national high-tech enterprise with water environment management as its main business.

    Relying on its strong technical strength, dongri environmental protection co., ltd. focuses on "3+1" business, namely municipal sewage treatment, industrial wastewater treatment, river ecological restoration and treatment, and r&d and production of integrated environmental protection equipment.The business covers areas such as local sewage treatment in areas without pipe network, concentrated sewage treatment in towns and villages, comprehensive treatment and ecological restoration of rivers and streams, industrial wastewater treatment and production and sales of integrated equipment.

    Dongri environmental protection has a number of practical and invention patent certificates, design, construction, operation and other full set of environmental protection qualifications, is the vice President of guangdong environmental protection association unit, national high-tech enterprise, China environmental protection backbone enterprise, guangdong well-known environmental protection enterprise, "heavy contract, eep reputation" unit and "AAA credit" enterprise.

    Dongri environmental protection centers on water pollution control, forming a comprehensive business model integrating "technology research and development + project consulting + engineering design + product manufacturing + product sales + project implementation + operation and maintenance management".Through independent research and development and technical upgrading, relying on the core products and technologies of "double membrane MBR", we provide customers with the whole industrial chain of sewage treatment services.


    Corporate mission
    Ingenious creation, loving the environment
    Corporate mission
    Setting industry benchmarks, creating Dongri brand
    Service theory
    Customer value is the only reason we exist
    Management idea
    People-oriented, create value for customers
    Management maxim
    Management is a strict love that is goal-oriented and results-oriented
    Corporate values
    Integrity, innovation, and win-win



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